Established in April 2005, Skinnyz is a bar and grille restaurant serving customers in Matthews, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. The bar and grille is owned by Jennifer Polvere, a native Mobilian (Alabama) who absolutely adores the Gulf Coast, her family and friends. The restaurant was named after Jenny's nickname "Skinny Jenny". The "z" at the end came from the signature "z" design of the 70s band ZZ Top, who is one of Jenny's all-time favorite bands. Throughout the restaurant, one can find various memorabilia from Coastline of Mobile, Biloxi, Gulf Shores, Pensacola and a bunch of other locations around these areas.

If there is one thing that people can count on with Skinnyz, it is food that's prepared fresh each day, and only using the best and freshest ingredients -- bought (and/or delivered) the same day they are served. The restaurant's signature menu item and best seller crab clawz is the owner's own personal favorite. The crab claws all come from the blue crab from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico -- of course, the warmer the waters, the larger the crab, the larger the claw! Every single crab claw is meticulously cleaned by hand, i.e., small shell pieces that encase the soft crabmeat attached to the cartilage are all removed to ensure their customers are eating crab, and not shell!

One needs lots and lots of crab fingers to make up just one pound, which is why Skinnyz's crab clawz are a bit on the expensive side, which is also probably why restaurants north of Alabama do not serve them, but Skinnyz crab clawz are a mind blowing entree, nonetheless! People who want a taste of Alabama's Gulf Coast should go nowhere else but to Skinnyz!

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Skinnyz. This is only a fan page.